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Navihegde Trading Platform

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My Role 

NaviHedge is a fintech SaaS platform that streamlines the workload and allows you to structure and execute FX option strategies. Fully automate your FX risk management, saving both time and cost.

I spent time interviewing the users and stakeholders understanding the problems.

  • Do User Research

  • Create User Personas

  • Wireframe improving user experience

Before Redesign


After Redesign


Problem 1

  • When the user wants to see what is the current spot rate of the preferred currency, the required currency does not show up in the list at first glance.

  • User is unaware of all the currencies and currency pairing.

  • User has to scroll a lot to find his required pairing

Ellipse 3.png
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FireShot Capture 237 - Navihedge - test.

Suggested Enhancement

  • Users can see all currencies at a glance. 

  • They can click on their required currency which will show all currency pairing he wants to see.

  • information is more clear and efficient

Problem 2

  • The wizard looks complicated to almost all the users.

  • A lot of visual fixation increased the time to complete the details in the wizard.

  • The chronological order of the attributes were not correct.


Suggested Enhancement

  • Top left aligned labels with text feild decreases the total visual fixations to almost half, making the user to complete the details faster.

  • Arranged in right chronological order making it more intiuitive.

  • Users find this experience more easy to use than the previous design.

User Journey Mapping

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