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Tourism Website

This case study is to redesign the official page of ‘’ to improve the user experience. I would like to suggest solutions to resolve the frustration the current user may face and generate a better result in motivating people to visit Odisha, India.



This is the official tourism website of Odisha. It offers complete guide of tourism in Odisha. It also offer Odisha travel booking for travelling.


The Tourism department wanted to enhance the state's tourism brand appeal and bring all stakeholders together on a single platform and deliver a global standard user experience and design.


The main problem was that the brand of the state tourism was lost. Though it is rich in culture and heritage with beautiful places still people were not aware of it. Lot of things to explore but not showcased properly.

My Role

My Role in this project was to:

  • Understand Business Requirements

  • Analyse user needs and know their pain points

  • Conduct Ideation Workshops

  • Create a simple and easy to use Navigation System

  • Identify personas, map out Customer Journey and User Flows

  • Create Visual Prototype


To solve the problem I categorized the users and tried to understand what they look for. I divided the users into 3 categories : Learners, Planners & Foodies. By understanding their needs it helped me create a strong brand and fulfill their needs.

Process & Work

Goal Directed Design Process


Research Insights after Empathizing

  • Wildlife & Ecotourism

  • Holidays need Planning

  • Appears more religious/culturally inclined

  • Bhubaneswar can be exploited to boost footfalls

  • Low Awareness & Desirability

  • Discovering & Experiencing new Places

  • Brand Goa/Kerala/Rajasthan occupy larger "mindspace"

  • Odisha History/Culture invokes interest

Problem Statement

The primary goal was to create a strong digital brand for the state Odisha. It was also important for the platform to offer end to end capabilities from discovery and exploration to planning, booking and service provider feedback from all stakeholders.

User Personas

Primary - Travellers

Secondary - Tour Operators

Tertiary - Hotel Owners


Card Sorting

Card sorting is a research method used to help or evaluate the information architecture of a product. I created 30 cards out of the most important sections. I asked users to group them in categories. They can add new cards or put some cards aside.

card sorting.png


The user personas and card sorting method helped to map out a simple and easy to use navigation system. It was divided into four major sections Discover, Experience, Plan and Shop.








Top 5 reasons to visit the place

From vast list of items to make it easy for users to decide, I created a section that would showcase the top 5 reasons to visit the state.


Customer Journey Mapping

Booking was one of the most important aspect of this website. So after Identifying the type of users, Customer Journey was mapped to know what are the stages that a user goes through while booking, what are the actions does he take and what does he feel while taking the actions.

Customer Journey Mapping.png

User Flow

Having a clearer idea of what users needed - information on where to go, what to do, and how they can get there - I began creating the ideal user flow for booking

User Flow.png


Based on the ideal user flow and the revised architecture information (AI), I delved into wireframing. After doing a paper sketching, I designed a desktop view and a mobile view side by side, considering different behaviours on various devices using the Figma tool.


Home Page-Visual Design

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