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It is an IT Solutions and Services Organization that has implemented 500+ projects

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Company Website


1 month


html, CSS


CSM technologies is a CMMI5 IT Solutions and services organization that has implemented over 500+ projects in diverse markets such as government, enterprise &  small business across multiple geographics in the world.

Here is my take to Redesign “CSM Website” where I have documented my design process, my thinking and methods how I came up with final prototype of clickable screens to get a feel of using an actual website at the end of this case study, So stay tuned.

My Role

  •  User Research

  •  Prototyping

  •  UX/UI Design

CSM is one my successful project. I tried to give the best user experience and aesthetic visual design. I followed the Design Thinking Design Process. I did the UX and UI using Design Thinking approach and created Visual Design

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The solution: a website redesign.

CSM technologies is a CMMI5 IT Solutions & services organization that has implemented 500+ projects in diverse markets. After a careful analysis of the CSM Website, I drew the following conclusion of why it needed a redesign.

  • The website looks outdated- 

  • There was no proper CTA(Call to Action) on the website. It feels more like an       informative website.

  • There was no proper trust building up when the user sees for the first time.

  • The brand values of the Company were not clearly visible on the website.

  • The main USP of the company were not highlighted. It seemed lost somewhere.

User Research &

Problem Finding

Competitive Analysis

I took the top competitors and created a competitive analysis grid. It will keep into account all the important that features that the competitors had in common. Through a detail analysis I came to know about the most important features that is a must. It helped me to bring more clarity.

  • Big techies that might collab with CSM to support their business


  • Who would step in the competitive market of business with an easy, understandable ad affordable solution


  • College graduates wanting to apply for jobs

  • New user who don’t know about CSM and how it works

  • Ex employee wanting to rejoin


Identifying Users


  • See previous records and past clients

  • Read past client reviews

  • Understand their process and services

  • Collab or partner with them

  • Needs to have trust



  • Know about CSM and brand values

  • Know what it does and who are the clients

  • Apply for job and see vacancies

User Stories

Site Map

To provide users with an enjoyable experience on the website it’s important to anticipate their needs to provide relevant information on each step. Therefore, different user types and their journeys informed the site structure. Based on this, it was possible to simplify user-flows between pages by removing unnecessary pages, merging existing and adding new when needed.



Finally, once all of the planning and foundation was built, we were ready to play with wireframes for the core desktop experience. Once you know WHY and WHAT we are doing in the written form constructing pages is a piece of cake. Of course, we went through circles of feedback, but it was pretty easy to move things around without involving design ego for graphics.



Once logic and functionality are defined, the visual design process doesn’t take long, and turns into an enjoyable meditation on aesthetic and design quality. Using wireframes and the modular system, the UI was created, following brand visual guidelines.

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