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e-Vidya(School Management SaaS Application)

This product was designed for the Education department. They wanted to link all the Government schools to this single application keeping a track on everything, thereby improving the quality of education.


My Role

  • User Research

  • Conducting Design Workshop

  • User Interviews

  • Draw Personas

  • Wireframing

  • Prototyping


  • Figma

  • Miro

  • Invision

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator


The Education department have developed E-Vidya Vahini — a new software for real time monitoring of government schools in the state.

All 40,000 government schools across the state will be linked with the software. School authorities will have to feed in details of admission, attendance of students and teachers and details of mid-day meal consumption. Teachers will also have to feed in marks of students obtained in every test


This software was designed to mainly improve the quality of education.


The initial product was created 5 years ago. It was not clear and intuitive as modern days products are. The design patterns are outdated. Overall, the current experience does not serve as a trust creating factor during the first-impression


To solve the problem of users what I did was, I conducted several detailed user interviews. User Interviews helped me to identify the user's needs and their pain points. I created user flows and customer journey mapping to identify the negative areas and convert them into positive ones, resulting in wireframes and high-fidelity mockups. I then tested them with users.

User Centered Design Process

User Centered Design(UCD) is an iterative design process in which designers focus on user and their needs in each phase of the design process.






Research Insights

  • The UI looks outdated

  • The application is not clear and intuitive

  • Users are Teachers and School

  • Teachers are using shared excel to record attendance

  • All forms need to be redesigned


Workshop Solutions

After the research was done, I conducted workshop to get to the solution. At the end of the workshop it was decided that The first thing to focus design effort on was a dashboard, the main page of the admin panel. That was one of the challenging pages as it had to consist of many statistics and graphics blocks. Most useful statistics will be shown in charts for better perception.Except for those, a to-do list was created on the dashboard. 


Wireframing and Visual Prototype

Group 5.png
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