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Mable is marketplace that connects people from aged care and disability with various support providers. It allows independent support workers to offer different types of support - with safeguards automatically included in every Mable booking.



Our current workflow encourage a one job post to 1 SP ratio. Clients often add all of their service needs into one job. They expect that they can find a worker to accommodate all needs communicated in a JP.

They aren’t aware that they should split their jobs and don’t know how to split them appropriately to accommodate their varying needs.

My Role

  • Design high-fidelity user interface (UI) designs

  • Create & maintain Mable design system

  • Follow WCAG 2.2 accessibility guidelines

  • Conduct workshops and brainstorming sessions

  • Perform usabilty testing with users

  • Work closely with developers to ensure that design specifications are met

Design Process


Current Job Post Flow

Clients post 1 job and seek 1 SP regardless the needs are simple or complex

FireShot Capture 094 - 2023-01 Connections for the Future - Google Slides -

Suggested Job Post Flow

Refine client needs and connect with more than 1 SPs. Help client break down their needs and have their needs met.

FireShot Capture 096 - 2023-01 Connections for the Future - Google Slides -

Prototype Solution to Test with Users


Mable Design System

I contributed to the Mable design system. I used some of the existing components and added some new components to the component library

design system.png


Given the nature of Mable's business, a large percentage of customers have accessibility needs. I followed the WCAG AA guidelines while designing the UI. As many users use assistive tools such as screen readers, speech recognition programs, keyboard controls, alternative keyboards, etc so accessibility is very important for our platform.

Measure Success

I collaborated with the data analyst to see the user behavior once the solution was released. Earlier only a portion of our client's need was met as the Client's were expecting a single SP will fullfill all of theri need in one job post. This solution resulted in an increase in the job post by 30% and the needs met increased by 60%

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